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When the Bible is boring and uninspiring… you’re doing it wrong...Don’t worry though, I was there too.

The Great thing is this Book is packed with powerful Scriptures that have literally...


My name is Lillian and I gave my life to the Lord in High School after a long, stubborn, excuse-filled search and I haven’t been the same since.

I would love to say that it has been an easy walk with the Lord since then but I am still a sinner. I have messed up along the way. THANKFULLY every time God has used it to grow me.

He has used my sin for His glory.

It took 7 years of infertility to realize the Bible has the answers to the problems in life. Infertility was a dark, painful place that God used to reveal His love.

In the Bible I get to see His Truth which has become a place of stability in an unstable world.

Some RANDOMNESS about me...

  • • I am a licensed massage therapist but don't do this as a profession anymore.
  • • I have competed in powerlifting
  • • I have written code for 3 different softwares out of need and fell in love with it
  • • I learned web design out of necessity
  • • I am a REALLY BAD logo designer
  • • I can crochet but absolutely cannot knit a straight line.
  • • I am a health food fanatic who also LOVES junk food.
  • • I love to cook and HATE to clean.
  • • I have more ideas than I can ever pursue, one I have patented.
  • • I see things and like to make them better.
  • • I like to be artistic but need to take more lessons.
  • • I am planning on homeschooling our boy.
  • • I always want a deeper walk with God, I don't know that I will ever be satisfied on earth.
  • • The BIBLE is the book for me 100%

We spent over a year putting episodes together before we ever launched.

Kitty and I get to hang out and talk about what God is speaking to us. The insight and revelation God gives us in the middle of our conversations have truly taken me into a deeper walk with God.

I have been married to my awesome husband since 2007! (This makes me feel old when I realize that wasn't a few years ago)

My husband and I overcame infertility in 2014 when we conceived our son through the power of God alone. I am passionate about helping women overcome infertility through faith in God and have written the book Trying to Conceive Through Faith as well as the Trying to Conceive Through Faith Companion Journal. These books form the foundation of the Through Faith community which is the complete Christian Infertility Support Group. You can learn more here at

My goal for the Scripture IRL podcast has been for us all to get to a deeper understanding of the Word.

I remember seeing other believers and thinking I could never have that deep of a walk with the Lord, but the truth is simple, and it is found in HIS WORD!

Join us as we deep dive into the Bible and find all of the goodness God has for us! Choose your podcast platform below and listen now!

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