Is Satan Winning?

If you have anger in your heart, how is the enemy using that anger in your life? How are you being manipulated into living a life less than the best of what God has for you?

No one is angry without justification.

Injustice happens every single day.

But what does God really want from us?

In this episode, we discuss things as little as anger that someone didn’t like a potato salad up to forgiving someone from incest.

We discuss the pain of believing the lies of the enemy, where infertility caused so much confusion. We identify the justifications for anger which can alter our perspective of God.

When we identify the enemy’s plans, we can fight back. We don’t have to be victims of his destruction. We absolutely have to choose God’s way, even if every fiber in us wants to retreat, avoid, and ignore the pain.

Together we will stop giving the enemy power by letting go of the pain that God wants to take from us!

Listen now to learn how to apply Matthew 11:6 IRL.

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