Go to God in all Things

Life is so complicated and we are so busy that sometimes it’s the basics that we forget. If we forget that we can turn to God and that we should turn to God first than life will continue to be hard.

God is not our last resort but our first line of help. He desires our burdens to be light and our yoke to be easy but we keep carrying things he hasn’t asked us to carry, so we continue to find ourselves drained.

Give this episode a listen, we pray it blesses you if you feel overburdened. This was our second ever podcast recording and we never released it until now. God does have perfect timing and with everything we are going through as a nation it blesses my heart that God knew that when we originally recorded this episode on 10/19/2017 it would be a much needed message in 2020.

Enjoy Matthew 11:28 and see how you can apply it in real life. For more episodes please subscribe and check out our other episodes!

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