Welcome to the Scripture IRL (In Real Life) Podcast.

Each week we (Kitty and Lillian) release a new podcast focused on our Scripture of the Week.

We personally apply the scripture IRL for that week and the podcast is the first time we come together to discuss the impact the verse has had on each of us.

We never know what the conversation will be ahead of time...

But always walk away with a deep desire to apply these Scriptures IRL in new and unexpected ways... and we know you will feel that way too!

We dive deep into the scripture to extract what it really means for us to live God’s Word IRL. We share personal convictions and talk about the challenges we face when it’s time to actually do what God says.

We laugh, cry, grow, and learn along the way.

We share how we have failed and fallen short and how we plan to be better in living God’s Word IRL.

This is not the Perfect Christian Podcast.

This is the; we need Jesus Podcast. We are learning how to live life the best way we can to please God and fully surrender our sins to Him.

To choose to live a life that shines the light of Jesus, even in all of our flaws. This podcast has been a blessing for us to put together and we believe it will bless you too.

Thanks so much for listening!

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Kitty Earehart-Greiner Intentional Parenting

Kitty Earehart-Greiner

The Bible isn’t to limit what we can do, it’s to show the love, power, and forgiveness of a Limitless God!

Lillian Day TTCTF Infertility Support

Lillian Day

I am a faith encourager who has seen the power of what a life of faith has in this broken world. 

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